Website-Video-Community 2014 Dec


About a year ago work started to plan to update the CLLSA website. The new site will assist the management of the content and the membership.

A lot of work has been done through the year. The CLLSA have been moved to a new email server ahead of implementing a new email system to speed up communication with all the expanding membership.

CLLSA have raised a significant amount of money from many sources to support the creation of the new site and more importantly to create the new educational content especially the videos that were made at the Cambridge meeting.

The web site is actively being built by our chosen contractor Circle Interactive. The web team are working with the contractor and starting to add content on the development site which hopefully will be available to go live early next year.

CLLSA Web team


During the summer several leading UK CLL clinicians, CLL researchers and CLLSA patient/carer members have taken part in a project to share educational content with a wider audience to help people live with the challenges of CLL.

This involved CLLSA commissioning a video company to produce content captured during Cambridge meetings in video and webcast for distribution on-line.

As these are released they will be added to the current archives and can be viewed here:

1. On Health Unlocked 

2. On Youtube  


The summer saw Health Unlocked release a new version of the CLLSA on-line community site. The new design provides a better experience for those using smart phones and tablets when accessing the site. The new version employs a simpler design with just one menu bar and a common process for submitting all posts.

The on-line community membership continues its strong growth, with membership expected to exceed 1,500 in December. The steadily increasing membership is enabling many more living with CLL/SLL to come together and share their experiences, concerns and lessons. This is accompanied with continued reporting of the latest CLL news and interesting discussion topics connected to

CLL life. 

Read the full report: Here