Website Development 2014 Spring


The current CLLSA web site has served us well since 2005. Technology has moved on over the years both in what can be made available and what hardware and browsers are used to view the information.

The Trustees have agreed that the time is right to update the framework supporting the web site – the main way the CLLSA disseminates information. The requirements phase is completed and the key functionality to address them are being identified. We are now working with developers and designers to create a facility to meet current and future requirements. The new site should be available for release by the summer when our Webmaster retires.

The project will deliver a modern platform for making new educational content available rapidly, in various formats and with minimal administration. This will be achieved by adopting an appropriate framework to handle the content management. This will allow contributors to focus their time on generating the content and then pass on for the formal approval and release steps.

It is critical that the information made available is relevant, accurate and current especially now with so many advances being reported. The web site will work together, sharing topics, with the Health Unlocked CLL Support pages which acts as a ‘blog’ for the main site.

More and more people are accessing the web site and the blog from smart phones and tablets. The site will automatically adapt the content to display nicely on these as well as more traditional desktops and laptops.

This will save a lot of administration time so limited resources can be focused on content. The structure of the new site will lend itself well to support other management functions which will aid the association handle an increase in membership and activities in a scalable way.

Web Development Team