Support Blood Friends 2012 Autumn Winter

I was diagnosed with CLL 2 years ago and I Chair a Support Group called ‘Blood Friends’. We have been meeting since March 2012 and although this is open to anyone affected by a Haematological Cancer.

I am keen to find more CLL members – there are 3 of us at the moment, within a mixed group of about 12, on average. Once there are more of us with CLL, I would like to set up a separate local CLL Support Group.

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month, from 2pm - 4pm, at the Fire Station in Accrington, East Lancashire. Anyone who can get there is welcome, irrespective of where they live. We are informal, chat over coffee and offer mutual support, through sharing experience and knowledge.

Already, we have had guest speakers, including the Psychologist for Cancer Services, Advocacy and Carer’s representatives, a Welfare and Benefits Advisor and in November a Dietician is coming. Others have been approached to speak, e.g. a Physiotherapist and Haematology Consultant; the Haematology Nurse Specialist often attends. We plan to have some social activity too and a Christmas lunch is being organised. We are supported and partially funded by Macmillan.

Our phone number is 07513 944460 and if you wish to leave a message, with your contact details, someone will be in touch with you. Otherwise, please feel free to just turn up – we would be delighted to meet you.

Debbie Tunnicliffe