Specialist Nurses 2012

Specialist Haematology Nurses are a vital link between patients and consultants. They are the health professionals that are often in contact with patients the most. They offer support and advice to the newly diagnosed and carry out tests and treatments, often following complicated protocols and procedures.

At the CLL Support Association we feel it is essential that all of the UK Specialist Haematology Nurses are aware of our existence and are able to pass on information to their patients to inform them of how the CLLSA can help and support them. With this in mind we recently carried out a mailing exercise which involved us sending all the UK Specialist Haematology Nurses a letter of introduction along with a form to request membership packs, leaflets and posters from us. You can imagine the amount of letters, leaflets and envelopes that were required. With the help of some brilliant volunteers all of the envelopes were filled and packed into 10 mail sacks ready for delivery. We then waited with baited breath for the requests. We were amazed by the speedy and large response with around 50 requests for leaflets, information packs and posters. They are still coming in and we hope that they will continue to do so.

Over 1200 leaflets have been sent to Specialist Nurses to date for distribution to their patients. We would love to think that all of these leaflets will end up in the hands of CLL patients who then contact the CLLSA for support.