Recipies Tiger's Milk


Adelle Davis was a prominent American consultant nutritionist in the 1950s and 60s. Together with a handful of other food researchers, she pioneered ways of healthy eating that are still appreciated and followed today. In her books she recommended a balanced diet rich in organically produced fruits and vegetables, grains and proteins. Those were the early days when Health Food shops first appeared in this country. Then, instead of packaged cereals, they sold organic oat flakes, nuts and raisins for home-made muesli with the all important wheat germ and brewer’s yeast to be sprinkled on top.

Adelle Davis placed a great emphasis on brewer’s yeast as a major nutrient, because it is extremely rich in protein, the Vitamin B complex, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Even one tablespoon of this powder mixed with fruit juice, milk and wheat germ into a smoothie can give a great boost of energy to active people and also to those, who, like us CLL patients, suffer from a low immune system and chronic fatigue. Brewer’s yeast (not to be confused with baker’s yeast that should NOT be eaten raw!) unfortunately does not have an attractive taste first, but by mixing it with various fruits and perhaps adding a little honey, it can soon become a delicious tasting drink.It is certainly very powerful stuff. No wonder Adelle named this mixture Tiger’s Milk!

Tiger’s Milk Recipe

2 pints (1litre) whole milk

1 or 2 tablespoons, or more, of Brewer’s Yeast (depending on whether you are a beginner or a veteran…)

4 tbsp of powdered skim milk

2 tbsp of wheat germ

8 oz. Orange juice or grape juice, apricot nectar, a banana, peach or other fruits

1 tbsp (or according to taste) of blackstrap molasses or honey

Mix and liquidize in a blender. Keep refrigerated.

Amounts and ingredients may be varied and there are endless recipes for this energy drink. 

Experiment and find the mixture that suits you best – then enjoy!