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28th March 2020

Please help with this Covid-19 survey

Dear Supporter,

We need your help.

We have been asked by CLL specialists to help them gather more information about the spread and impact of the Covid-19 virus on CLL patients.

They need this information to enable them to make informed decisions , and we have agreed to help along with our sister charities, Leukaemia Care, Lymphoma Action and Bloodwise, by creating a survey.

What would we like you to do

We are inviting everyone to take part in a survey, which will be left open for the foreseeable future. If you feel you have the virus we would particularly like your input, but the survey is open to all CLL and SLL patients.

We would be delighted if you feel able to help. Please use this link to the survey, which will give you more information. Completing the survey will only take a few minutes, but will provide invaluable information for our doctors.