Positive & negative results for CLL treatments following the latest round of reviews by the National Cancer Drugs Fund


NHS England have published today the new version 6 of the Cancer Drugs Fund list. Effective from today.
This new version supersedes earlier versions and follows on from all formal appeals and discussions between the National Cancer Drugs Fund (NCDF) and drug companies following the September delisting  announcements. This is now available on the NHS England website:   The PDF of Version 6 Cancer Drugs Fund list  
The good News: Ibrutinib has been retained on the CDF list with a small adjustment to inclusion criteria. This  reverses the earlier September decision to remove it  with one small exception. 

This means that new CDF applications to access ibrutinib for treatment of relapsed/refractory CLL will now continue virtually as before the July re- prioritization review, NICE are also appraising Ibrutinb for long term availability through NHS England & Wales.

The bad news: Bendamustine has been removed from the CDF list for treating relapsed CLL.

Read more in the CLLSA chairman’s update letter of 14th November 2015 this summarises the CLL specific outcome and next steps following the CLLSA campaign and letters to MPs.  Together we will keep up pressure and continue with pressing for access. 

Read about the Blood Cancers Alliance response to Cancer Drugs Fund delistings - Letter published in the Times 4th Nov   
Background: CLLSA letter to the Secretary of State for Health, as CLLSA appeal the National Cancer Drugs Fund plans to remove CLL treatments.