NHS chemotherapy rules risk lives, warn specialists

The UK CLL Forum is comprised of the most eminent CLL doctors in the UK. They have written to The Times newspaper, following up on the original article which appeared last Saturday. An additional article appeared in the Times today.

Here's the link to the article: thetimes.co.uk/article/nhs-...

And this is the letter: 

Sir, Your report "Cancer patients denied effective drug to cut costs" (May 12 and letters May 15,16) highlighted the denial of funding of Ibrutinib by NHS England for some patients with relapsed CLL contrary to guidance from NICE that Ibrutinib was an option for all patients relapsing after chemoimmunotherapy.

NHSE has further limited access to Ibrutinib by restricting funding to patients relapsing within 3 years. This decision by NHSE therefore removes the ability of highly trained experts to treat all patients appropriately within NICE guidelines. Indeed, these restrictions force consultants to re-use chemotherapy for some patients with CLL when it may be clinically inappropriate, bringing considerable additional risks to the patient. 

The NHSE decision, in direct contrast to the NICE process, is a closed process with no input from patients or CLL experts. In our opinion the NHSE funding position makes no sense as it will result in poorer outcomes for patients and higher costs for the NHS.

The decision by NHSE not to support Ibrutinib in some patients must be reversed.

Signed by Prof Anna Schuh, Prof Peter Hillman, Dr George Follows, Dr Adrian Bloor, Dr Claire Dearden, Dr Ben Kennedy and 8 others.

Many of these are names we know from meetings and it's good to see them supporting CLL patients in this way. 


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