“Biological medicines have revolutionised patient treatment by offering new and effective medicines for acute and chronic conditions including neutropenia, cancer, a wide range of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and enzyme or hormone deficiencies. As the patent expires for individual originator medicines, biosimilar medicines can be introduced to provide additional options for patients and the NHS.

Biosimilar medicines have been used in the NHS for many years as treatments for growth hormone replacement, neutropenia and anaemia related to chronic renal failure or cancer.

2017 CLLSA Cambridge members Conference Dr Follows video available

The meeting was opened by David Innes as chairman of the CLLSA. This was followed by a presentation by Dr Follows talking about CLL - The disease and its treatment in 2017 and beyond. The afternoon session started with facilitated small group discussions. An opportunity to share tips for coping with CLL and was then followed by three stories from individuals affected by CLL.