Symptoms, Side Effects, Work


Prof Chris Fegan, from the Cardiff CLL research group, speaks at the Cardiff LLR sponsored open day in 2012. Watch and listen to the above presentation as he discusses and explains some of the problems that may be experience by people with CLL and the spectrum of challenges that are not often easy to quantify.

Living with CLL/SLL

In the above video from the CLLSA playlist; Gwyneth Stafford CLL & Lymphoma Nurse Specialist at Cambridge University Hospitals discusses managing infections and goes on to   the challenges that CLL patients experience when managing their symptoms. A theme running through these videos is the importance of keeping the medical team informed and working together to find strategies and support to reduce impact.

Clinical Trials

In the above video Dr. Follows discusses clinical trials, they are not for everyone. Suitability is an “individual thing” and requires consideration of many factors and discussion between the CLL patient and Doctor.

Q1) Do you think joining clinical trials is a way for CLL patients to get around access problems in the NHS?
Q2) Can you expect to have to travel to join a CLL clinical trial?



Over a relatively short time period a remarkable number of effective new therapies have been developed for patients with CLL. In some instances, these treatments have gained a marketing authorisation licence in Europe and, currently, some are funded within the NHS for patients who meet specific criteria. However, patients and clinicians should be mindful that this is a rapidly developing field that is likely to further evolve over the next year or two.