The Future

In the above video  Dr Follows discusses how the new targeted therapies will require discipline and engagement by patients to ensure they take their medications to stay in remission. Longer term the research community is working towards novel none chemo combinations that may produce a durable MRD status, removing the need for continued medication, this could one day translate into a cure.

Clinical Trials

Above video, With several new medicines being studied in CLL - Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia - there are many trials becoming available today in the U.K. It could give you the chance of receiving tomorrow's medicine today. That was discussed at the 9th European Congress on Hematologic Malignancies in Lyon, France. One of the presenters was noted CLL expert Dr. Claire Dearden from the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Institute for Cancer Research in London.


Novel Therapies

In the above video Professors Simon Rule, Peter Hillmen and John Gribben are leading UK clinical researchers with a special interest in CLL. In this brief news report from this year's EHA meeting in Milan they share insights into the promising future for CLL treatment as greater understanding of the biology of this complex disease brings with it an increasing range of potential therapies.


Infections are the biggest killers of CLL patients, so vaccinations are very important. If we have them early in our disease, we are more likely to be able to produce antibodies and so they are more likely to be effective. The following are those commonly recommended:

Annual flu vaccine.