Telephone Help Lines

Phone the CLLSA help line on 0800 977 4396 We’re here to listen

Please note that we operate an answer phone message system,

messages are checked daily and we do our best to respond as quickly

as possible. We are members of the Helpline Partnership

Read more about our helpline here  


UK Helplines:

For Newcomers and recently diagnosed

 CLLSA Information Recommended for Newcomers

If you register with the CLLSA you will be forwarded an information pack that includes several of the following patient information booklets.

People can register on the site and we will send you, via email, an electronic  patient information pack. Register Here:   We can only post the information pack to those without an email who are living in the UK.

UK Sources of Information

Sources of Information

There is a lot of information listed below providing access to many of the key reliable UK resources to aid CLL/SLL patients.  Read as much or as little as you want or need. 


CLLSA is not responsible for information on other internet sites. As with any site, including ours, be a discerning reader- think about what you read from your own health and financial point of view. and check date of publication, admin are in the process of updating this information.