Is there any research being done into CLL and Fatigue

The majority of those who responded to the QOL  study carried out at the end of 2013 reported  some degree of fatigue. The message from respondants was clear though different language was used:  tired  fatigue,  low energy. 

Is there any research being done into CLL and the origins of this Fatigue which might help us miigate it's effect on QOL. 

Ofatumumab plus Chlorambucil and Obinutuzimab plus Chlorambucil Gain NICE preliminary approval for NHS treatment of CLL

CLLSA at NICE and preliminary NICE guidance for two new CLL treatments.

The CLLSA regulatory appraisals volunteer group are participating in six NICE consultations. CLLSA representatives commented on the following NICE documents and attended the Scope, Appraisal workshops and participated on appraisal committees to date this year this has resulted in the excellent news that two new treatments have already received preliminary recommendation by NICE for NHS treatment of CLL in England and Wales:

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Report Midlands Meeting 25 May 2011

A full 60 members came to the Midlands meeting on the 25th May to listen to Dr Ben Kennedy give a brilliant  talk on some of the latest thinking on CLL. Both new attendees and  the members  who are now regulars agreed that this was a thoroughly enjoyable meeting. The weather was fine, the venue was friendly, and we all had a great time even though we were meeting to discuss the illness that affects us all.

Report on the Brentford Meeting 19 September 2011

Our second autumn meeting at GSK house was attended by many enthusiastic people. Many thanks to GSK and especially to Philippa Manning who did the organisation at that end - it all went incredibly well.

It can be daunting to arrive at the headquarters of a global pharmaceutical company with the present level of security alerts in place- but the security people, and all the GSK staff,  were inevitable courteous, and we all got in to the meeting.