November 2015 update - New therapies available to NHS for CLL treatment

 Treatments available to treat CLL in the UK 

With the CLL landscape beginning to change several new treatments have gained approval for treating CLL through the NHS following recent NICE & SMC  recomendation and England Cancer Drugs Fund listing. 


England Cancer Drug Fund listing for England availability 

NHS Coices - Cancer Drugs fund website


In the above video Dr. George Follows discuses treatment choices and side effects.

Different drug combinations have different toxicity profiles, associated complications and efficacy. Requiring lengthy discussion between patients and their doctor and treatment at a centre experienced in their delivery and care of patients being treated with them. 

Q1) Many patients have heard about potential treatments such as “FCR” and “BR”, how do you choose which therapy they should receive?

CLL Trials in the UK Professor Peter Hillmen updated by CLLSA

CLL Trials in the UK

This section has been updated by the CLLSA from the original which was written by Professor Peter Hillmen Consultant Haematologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, NHS Trust. Peter is Chairman of the CLL Trials Group of the National Cancer Research Institute.

The article has been written for patients and their carers and assumes almost no prior medical knowledge