Blood Cancers Alliance response to Cancer Drugs Fund delistings - Letter published in the Times today

CLL Support Association is a member of The Blood Cancers Alliance, an informal group of all blood cancer charities; who have written to David Cameron and Jeremy Hunt to urge them to find a suitable solution to this wholly unacceptable situation.

The open letter is copied below and has been published in the Times newspaper today 4th November

NICE publish final guidance for idelalisib to treat CLL, moving England and Wales NHS access closer

NICE published Final Guidance today on Idelalisib for treating chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

NICE technology appraisal guidance [TA359]


This publishing of final guidance moves the treatment of idelalisib plus rituximab one step closer to NHS availability for England and Wales patients with NHS access expected within 3 months.


St Bart's CLLSA members meeting Nov 30th 2015 - TRAVEL INFORMATION



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LETTER FOR YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT RE: Proposed delisting of Bendamustine and Ibrutinib from The Cancer Drugs Fund list.

The CLLSA member's letters to MPs campaign to prevent delisting of CLL treatments from the CDF has now ceased following the Novenemer 4th outcomes The letter template is now out of date and  longer availble, new letters to MP's are not now required.

Scientifically inquisitive CLL person needs information

Ok, so I have the booklet "CLL Patient Information" given to me by my haematologist when I was first diagnosed about 6 months ago, but I am struggling to find the next exciting installment.

I need to know what the main lines of treatment are and where the stumbling blocks are in finding an actual cure. Of course I can look up what a kinase inhibitor is but it would be nice to find all the relevant information in one place.