Conference Laptop needs Replacement


Our faithful laptop we use at conferences is reaching the end of its useful life. We need to replace with a new up to date machine that can ensure the key speakers and presenters have all the functionality they need to present the hign quality slides, video clips and materials we have come to enjoy at the conferences. Expert advice recommend machines that cost between £750 and a £1000. It would be great if members could help raise the money to ensure we can provide the quality conferences people love. Ideally we want to purchase the replacement laptop as soon as possible. Lets target the month of April to raise the target funds required. Many thanks in advance. Board of Trustees.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the campaign to buy a new laptop to run the member conferences on. I am delighted to announce an astounding £1,359 has been raised in the short campaign. Our thanks to all who donated especially two particularly generous donors. This will ensure we can select a high quality machine and software to continue delivering the conferences year on year.'