Local Support Groups 2012 Spring

Over the years a question that comes back from time to time is “how can we meet other CLL people locally”. We have not got the resources to start small local groups nationwide, but Macmillan helps with funding for such groups if there are people interested to run the group. 

Here is a Macmillan link to find out more Here


I have been a member of HUG (Haematology and Oncology United Group) in Swindon for many years; I think it was some time during 2003/4 that I discovered them after reading a poster while waiting to see the consultant. I found the experience of sharing with others very beneficial.

The group meets at the hospital once a month and at a local Pub for lunch once a month as well. Different activities are organised with the opportunity to talk to each other at the get-togethers and solve any problems one can have. Also we have the opportunity to report and suggest anything that might be helpful to patients during the User Representative meetings with the hospital staff. 

Getting involved with volunteering at a local level is very rewarding and a worthwhile experience. Cancer Networks are always looking for volunteers to fill the post of User Representatives, and they want to hear from patients.


The HUG meetings usually meet at the Academy, in a seminar room at The Great Western Hospital. Here are the dates for some of the coming meetings:

17th May, 14th June, 12th July, (seminar room 5), 16th August, 13 September, (Cherwell), 11 October, (seminar room 1) 15th November, (Cherwell) and 13 December 2012 (seminar room 5).


For more info you can contact: hugswindon@btinternet.com http://www.hugswindon.co.uk/

I look forward to see some of you there in May.

Chonette Taylor