Internet Broadcasting & The CLLSA

Internet Broadcasting & The CLLSA Whilst we try to reach as many of our members with our meetings as possible we realise that not everyone can get to a meeting and places are often limited. 

A few members have asked if we can broadcast our meetings on the internet so that we can reach more people. With this in mind we decided that it was a topic which would need to be discussed by the trustees of the CLLSA. 

The trustees decided that at present it is not possible for us to begin to broadcast our meetings. As you are aware the trustees are all volunteers and do not have the technical expertise to set this up. Also the cost of equipment or hiring help in would be prohibitive as the CLLSA is run on donations and grants. 

The trustees also felt that our guest speakers may feel inhibited by the presence of cameras. We receive such a lot of help and good will from the medical community and we would not like to feel that our speakers feel that they cannot speak freely at our meetings. 

We held our first Liverpool meeting this year and, after Oxford, we meet on December 3rd at St Bartholomew’s Hospital (Barts). We plan to organise a meeting in Edinburgh in April/May and in Cambridge in June. Details will be circulated once the arrangements are confirmed. 

We really appreciate all of our members suggestions and will endeavour to discuss all ideas put forward for the consideration of the trustees.