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Informational Videos

Informational Videos

Please see our instructional videos below for guidance and information on Leukaemia.

Dr Helen Parry presents the findings of research into vaccine effectiveness

This vital research shows how effective the Covid-19 vaccine is for CLL patients. Dr Parry outlines the findings in an easy to understand way. Essential watching for CLL patients.

John Moore CLL patient and Trustee of CLL Support, talks about his CLL and treatment

John Moore CLL patient and Trustee of CLL Support, talks about his CLL and treatment in conversation with Gail Wiegman, who is also a trustee.

CLL and autoimmune problems with Dr. Helen Marr – 20 May 2021

Dr Helen Marr is Consultant Haematologist at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle on Tyne. We know that CLL and SLL patients have compromised immune systems. However, a complication can arise when antibodies or lymphocytes are produced against substances naturally present in the body. Dr Marr talks about this topic which is of great relevance for CLL patients.

02 CLL Support London 191121 Dr Piers Patten

Dr Piers Patten MB ChB FRCP FRCPath PhD, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Consultant Haematologist at King's Health Partners London discusses what treatments are on offer and what might the future hold.

01 CLLSA London 191121 Karen Stanley and Ellie Wellving

Karen Stanley, a Hematology Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Guy's, explains the role of a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Ellie Wellving, a Lymphoma Clinical Nurse Specialist at King's College Hospital, discusses the typical questions asked by support groups.