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About CLL

Newly diagnosed and want to know more? Start your journey here

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

To start your journey this page provides an introduction and overview explanation of CLL and its management today in understandable language.

Reliable information and support can aid you to cope with diagnosis and help prepare you to be more involved in your own health care discussions with your doctor. This website we hope helps prepare you to live well with CLL, it is not a substitute for medical care, you should always consult your medical team if you have concerns about your health.

Many also find our online community (HealthUnlocked) helpful too, where members share their own experiences and discuss issues together. Our regular members meetings are also a very effective way of meeting others with CLL and learning from each other and clinical experts.

Conference reports

Sue, Elizabeth and Matt share their experience of CLL

CLL Overview & Treatment

CLL Overview

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia: "An Overview" In this 2014 webcast video with slides George Follows gives an overview of CLL treatment


Over a relatively short time period a remarkable number of effective new therapies have been developed for patients with CLL.

Living with CLL/SLL

Kevin and Sue Powell share their experience of CLL at our Bournemouth Conference

Find out more about the experiences of some of our members by watching this video.

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What is smoldering CLL?

In the video to the right Gwyneth Stafford CLL & Lymphoma Nurse Specialist at Cambridge University Hospitals discusses managing infections and goes on to the challenges that CLL patients experience when managing their symptoms. A theme running through these videos is the importance of keeping the medical team informed and working together to find strategies and support to reduce impact.