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Where to start your journey.

We have listed below links to several good places to start when using the website and accompanied these with links to information booklet downloads that you may wish to print off

“Welcome to the Family”

A Practical Guide for Newly Diagnosed CLL Patients and those close to them.

Start here                               


What is CLL/SLL                             

Supportive resources   

CLL overview webcast         

PDF downloads: Leukaemia & lymphoma Research information booklets

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Watch & Wait

Supportive Care


Helpline for CLL patients, friends & family 

CLLSA HELP LINE CALL 0800 977 4396 - read more here 

UK Help lines - read more here 



There are several webcasts on the site for you to access latest talks by experts,

the speaker and the slides are both visible where the screen is large enough.  


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