Healthunlocked 2013 Spring


At the end of November 2012 we launched the CLL Support Association on-line community at Health Unlocked

The new interactive on-line facility is for those affected by CLL and enables the sharing of experiences, knowledge and support together. This is an exciting new development in partnership with HealthUnlocked and is proving to be a successful on-line resource for members.

Many of you responded to the email notification and have joined our community alongside internationals and volunteers from the northern and southern hemispheres. It has been pleasing to read how many are taking part and how many have told us how it has been of help.

Since it has started use back in mid-November 2012, we now have 315 members of the community and a total of 22,232 visits!


May I offer our special thanks to the team of early pioneers and volunteers who have helped establish this very active space together with the whole community. Since the CLLSA community launch there have been few days when the e-mail daily digest notifications have not had new blog topics or questions posted by members. The community grew quickly as many visited in November and joined with numbers growing steadily over the past few months. Together you have maintained steady and frequent activity; by discussing and reading about CLL topics, the sharing of personal experiences and questions. Well done.

The CLLSA community platform will be upgraded over the next few months adding improvements and new features to improve your experience.

Please take a look and have a read and join us in developing this resource to support and inform each other. see Healthunlocked

Nick York