Fundraising 2014 Spring


Here we are another year well underway and the thinking cap on as to what we can do to raise some funds to swell the CLLSA coffers and enable the Trustees and Volunteers to continue to serve our members to the best of our ability. 2013 saw a very successful, and profitable, London 10k in July and several other events being entered by our valiant fund raisers.

Registration for the London 10k is now open. CLLSA has again reserved 18 places in this event and these places are open to anyone wishing to pledge raising at least £150 and opening a web page on Just Giving in favour of CLLSA. When you request a registration form we will give details of how to register a Just Giving page.

The London 10k run will take place on 13th July 2014 more information can be obtained by visiting However, registration enquiries and requests for registration forms should be emailed to and not done through the organisers web site.

Free T shirts are available for this event displaying the CLLSA logo and message Living Well With CLL.. T shirts are produced in a standard cotton material and are not running shirts. Should you require a running shirt other than the standard T shirt then we would ask you to send it to Derek McGlashan, address will be supplied on request. On our receipt of the garment we will have the CLL logo and message printed on the shirt and return at no cost top you. We do need 3 weeks from receipt of shirt to our return to you.

We have several fundraisers already signed up to raise funds on our behalf and list the events and contacts should you wish to follow their progress or support them.

Paul Mccole is taking part in the Liverpool half marathon on 23rd March 2014 and the first off the starting blocks in fund raising runs and events for 2014. Best of luck Paul, don't forget to let us know how you get on and send some pictures for the next news letter.

Victoria Joyce and Dan, as I write Victoria and Dan, her husband to be in 3 weeks time ,are really up for a challenging fund raising venture. They are taking part in the" Honeymoon" Everest Region and Annurpan Base camp Trek on 9th May 2014. Victoria and Dan are not only raising funds for CLLSA but carrying a bag of books and resources donated by the Manchester Health Academy to give to the poor families living throughout the villages higher up. Victoria knows well how tough this challenge is as she did it 10 years ago. We all wish both of them every success in the challenge and we will let you know how they got on in the Summer News Letter. If you want to keep up with Victoria's progress visit her just giving page at

Chris Sannwald is taking part in the Chester Half Marathon on 18th May 2014 and is aiming at a time of 1 hour 15 - go for it Chris-and the very best of luck. To check on Chris's progress visit his just giving page at

Jason Howes is taking part in the Wolfe Run on 26th and 27th May 2014. To follow Jasons progress you can visit his Just Giving page at

Barry Collyer is doing The Flaming June half marathon, best of luck Barry. If you want to check up on Barry's progress on his just giving page then visit .

If you are organising an event to raise funds , taking part in any charity events on behalf of CLLSA or need some help in the organisation please inform

We can provide T or polo shirts bearing the CLLSA logo and the message living well with CLL if required. Looking forward to hearing about your fund raising events for 2014.

Derek McGlashan – Trustee