Fundraising 2012 Autumn Winter


Here we are with winter approaching so no new runs or fundraising activities to look forward to for the next few months. Unless you, our Members want to arrange some breakfast events or ask your family and friends to donate instead of sending cards or giving presents at Christmas time.

It is an unfortunate fact that our costs, as is everyone’s, are increasing and to maintain our high level of support for our Members, funds are crucial to the support given. We depend entirely on donations and fundraising to finance our existence.

2012 has seen a record year for fundraising by our loyal supporters but let us all work together and make 2013 even better.

Arthur Graley’s daughter Clare did a bike ride in September and, at the last check on Just Giving, had raised a very respectable £430 .Well done Clare.

We are looking at the possibility of reserving some places in half marathons or other events, in various locations across the country. If you have an event you would like CLLSA and yourselfto get involved in; please email Derek McGlashan and we will see what we can do.

London 10k 2013

The London 10k run will take place on Sunday 14th July 2013 where we have 18 places reserved for the event.

Already we have 3 runners ready to sign up and we would ask that you email Derek McGlashan, email address below, to register your interest and ensure your place. In 2012 our runners managed to raise a grand total of £6,740 let’s get together and try to beat this in 2013.

Chonette and Muberra walked the course in July 2012 and we are thinking of putting together a walking team to increase our numbers and make the event more accessible to us lesser fit Trustees and Members. If you would like to join our walking team let us know.

A Naked Run

Yes you read that correctly. At the Brentford meeting we were approached by a Member who organises a “Naked Run”.Sounds different and not for the faint hearted. Anyone interested in a sponsored run, without clothes, through woodland in May? For more information go to

Making your donations count In the last Newsletter we talked about ways to donate funds to CLLSA. Gift aid has changed slightly and we now receive 25p for every pound you donate as a UK tax payer, and not 28p as previously. Please remember to complete the gift aid section on any relevant donations. Remember this does not affect your tax status or cost you, the donator and tax payer, a penny.

We mentioned raising funds by organising a local event, with the sky dive organised last April raising several thousand pounds for CLLSA. If you have any good ideas and need some help, or publicity in the organisation please let us know. If you are aware of any local events which you may wish to enter or give publicity to with a view to raising funds with friends and family, again, please let us know.

What we did not mention was regular donations or bequests. Regular monthly donations are like manna from heaven to our Treasurer as it helps to do some positive forward financial planning. If you would like to set up a regular donation by direct debit or standing order we can send you a standing order form for this purpose. Please email our Treasurer on or finally you could just send us a cheque made payable to CLL Support Association at the address in this Newsletter. Please do not send cash.

We look forward to receiving your fund raising ideas and will continue to research any new events we may be able to recommend.

Thank you for your support.

Derek McGlashan