Food Acid vs Alkaline 2014 Spring


It is well known that our diet as a whole matters most for creating a healthy body and we certainly hear every day conflicting reports about what is good for us and what is harmful. It is also common knowledge today that a body that is more alkaline than acidic is healthier and a large number of studies agree. Taking a close look at acid producing diets show there is a strong connection between them and obesity, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. For this reason there are genuine concerns in this country that the poor diet of many children and adolescents is seriously affecting their health. They are eating the wrong foods, certainly not enough fruits and vegetables, and as a result their diets are nutritionally inadequate, far too acid producing. These diets do not provide enough protection to them against future ailments.

As CLL patients, we know what it is like to come up against additional maladies. With our weakened immune system we are constantly facing dangers of not only infections but also secondary cancers. As we grow older, besides having to cope with CLL, we have to face the deterioration of our eyes, ears, bones and joints. It is important that we also assess our diets and see what could possibly give us the best possible protection. Food will not cure our CLL, those who tried alternative therapies based on nutrition found that out long ago. But eating the right foods can make the body healthier and stronger by changing the body's pH and making it predominantly alkaline, creating a healthy armour against dangerous invaders.

Many people are not aware of the pH value of their meals and they assume that some foods, for instance lemons, just because they taste sour, must be acidic. But lemons and also limes and grapefruits are rendered alkaline once digested. The following table charts the pH of some foods. It may be useful for re-assessing what we eat every day and understanding where we may improve our ways.

Every little change helps if it is in the right, more alkaline, direction!