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There are a number of ways to contact us at the CLL Support Association:

Our postal address is:

CLL Support Association,

c/o Suite 112, The Citadel

Bath Road, Chippenham 

Wiltshire, SN15 2AB 

Mail can be addressed to the CLL Support Association or to individual trustees

at this address.

Our 24 hour membership telephone number is:

0800 977 4396

Our email addresses are

David Innes (Chair)         

Rupert Beazley                 

John Moore                     

Frank Mercer (Treasurer)                       

Brian Gardom                 

Gail Wiegman                 

Roger Huxley                  

Marc Auckland                

Steffi Sutters                   

Sarah Tobin (Coordinator)


General email enquires can be directed to: CLL Support Association

Help us keep in touch by ensuring your details are up to date? 

Online member 

As an online member you will have a username and password which will allow you to manage your details and register for meetings and help the association manage costs. If any of your details have changed, address, phone number or email address then please login to your account and update your details.   

If you need help then please contact .

If you supplied an email address but have not received a newsletter or other announcment for several months then please check the following:

  • the mail has not gone to junk - adding to your address book should reduce the chance that this will happening. 
  • ensure your inbox is not full; If you let your e-mail box get full the emails will be returned un delivered 

If there is a problem delivering emails for any reason then the account will be flagged and no further emails will be sent out until any issue is resolved.  If you are experiencing any problems please, contact Sarah at

Postal Member

If you move house or change your phone number then please write to us at CLL Support Association, Suite 112, The Citadel, Bath Road, Chippenham Wiltshire, SN15 2AB or use the Freephone membership line 08009774396.