Our Members' Meetings

CLLSA Members Meetings - Regional Meetings and Regional News.

We host three to four regional meetings for members throughout the UK annually. There is no charge to attend a CLLSA meeting or to register as a member, But you must first register as a member  before applying for meeting places . This can be done here from the website or if already a member you will also receive emailed invitations ahead of meetings and you can book your meeting places directly with membership by email at membership@cllsupport.org.uk if you prefer.

We host meetings at comfortable and accessible locations with good communications and provide complimentary lunch and refreshments. Meetings are always supported by members from partner charities to ensure the latest supportive literature is available.  


Regular meetings and conferences of members are a vitally important opportunity for us to come together, meet new friends , share experiences , lessons, and knowledge  of resources available to people affected by CLL.


CLLSA meetings provide expert talks from leading medical staff in the field of CLL healthcare and research to ensure members are aware of the latest CLL treatments and clinical trials available .  The treatment of CLL is fast changing and potentially undergoing a paradigm shift with step changes in treatment and care as new drugs come into clinical trial and gain regulatory aproval for NHS use.

Meetings are one of the best ways to keep abreast of this. hearing first hand from the clinical community of what is available and what is likely to come available and how this may effect UK patients and their families.


Meeting others who can relate can be a very rewarding and uplifting experience, at meetings we are all in the same boat and can enjoy some open time together. 


Demand for meeting places is high and judging by the number of members who t return to attend meetings at different locations and feedback we receive following meetings we know how much our members value this experience.  

2014 saw the trustees broaden the geographical reach of the association and hold our first Scotland meeting, we are working to a calandar to provide events in England, Wales and Scotland.

Meetings - Keeping other people safe.

Please be very aware that if you could be infectious then as a matter of health and safety, you should not be putting other CLL patients at risk. 

If you have any doubt, then please ask a medical practitioner before you come to any meetings with other CLL patients 
Here are some of the symptoms that mean you are infectious and should not expose other people who are immune suppressed- that is at least half the people at a patient meeting.

  • Vomiting or Diarrhoea in the last 48 hours
  • Active respiratory infections – cold, sore throat, cough

Do not come if you have shingles, you are infectious until the last blister has healed over.
Do not come if you suspect that you have any infection or condition where you are releasing germs that may infect others. We have published many ways to protect yourself in the self help website section
 and it is common decency to extend this courtesy to others. 
As an alternative to the meetings, we offer several ways to communicate with trustees and others with whom you can share your experiences. 
We thank those of you who did not come to the meetings when you knew you could be putting others at risk.

The CLLSA are presently able to offer a bursary grant to enable those who need financial assistance to attend CLLSA patient meetings. If you would like details please contact membership@cllsupport.org.uk

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Meeting Reports 

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Report Cardiff Meeting                30 Jan 2013

Report Brentford Meeting           14 Sep 2012

Report Midlands Meeting      30-31 May 2012

Report Oxford Meeting               16 Mar 2012

Report Brentford Meeting            19 Sep 2011

Report Southampton Meeting       15 Jul 2011

Report Midlands Meeting            25 May 2011

Report Middlesex Meeting           21 Sep 2010