CLLSA Online Community at Health Unlocked 2013 Autumn

CLLSA Online Community at Health Unlocked
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These last 6 months have been a very busy and often frustrating period for the CLLSA on-line Community at healthunlocked. The delayed release of the new site along with the uncertainty of the release date meant we all marked time for several months, waiting for the new site to arrive so that we could work on new support material together. When the switchover to the updated facility did come, it must be acknowledged that it was not as smooth a transition as some I have experienced. They are all difficult and the patience and commitment of you our members to help us all through this must be commended. Together You have created a resource we can all reach out to for help and support or just to vent, share a story or hang out on-line together with those who do relate. 

The new address is: 

If you are not already a member drop in and register, have a look around. Our community offers support from all corners of the globe not just here in the UK. The more expert and the recently diagnosed share their experience and knowledge together in a supportive environment to help us all live with this disease and learn together. A special thank you to all on-line CLLSA volunteers and worldwide contributors for making the new facility a success and continuing to make yourselves available to those in need. It is not perfect yet. But it is a very active on-line CLL community and there are a lot more people now feeling less alone and isolated than before we all came together on-line.