Over a relatively short time period a remarkable number of effective new therapies have been developed for patients with CLL. In some instances, these treatments have gained a marketing authorisation licence in Europe and, currently, some are funded within the NHS for patients who meet specific criteria. However, patients and clinicians should be mindful that this is a rapidly developing field that is likely to further evolve over the next year or two.  

FLAIR Trial 2018 - Info 

Read March 2015 treatment article update


November 2015 update - New therapies available to NHS for CLL treatment

The CLL treatment landscape is beginning to change several new treatments have recently gained approval for treating CLL through the NHS following NICE & SMC recomendation and England Cancer Drugs Fund listing.   Read update


Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia: "An Overview"

June 2014- In this webcast video with slides  Dr George Follows  gives an overview of CLL and focuses on how CLL is treated.  This picture is changing quite fast as new treatments have been approved over the past few months.  


June 2014- In this webcast video with slides Dr George Follows discusses the latest treatments, clinical trials and research data


June 2014 - In this webcast video with slides  Gwyn Stafford discusses the role of the nurse specialist


December 2014  -  In this webcast video with slides Dr Claire Dearden provides an introductory overview of CLL followed with an update on CLL therapy following her return from the 2014 American Society of Haematology confereance.



December 2014 - In this webcast video with slides Dr Claire Dearden discusses the latest CLL therapy updates and UK clinical trials



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