UK Online CLL Communities and Discussion Groups


CLL Support Association at Heathunlocked CLLSA at HU 

is our active on-line community of 1700+ members living with CLL. Connect with others, share knowledge and experiences to help live with the challenges of CLL. Ask a question, write or read a blog, share news and views or participate in a poll, help us to develop the community.


Macmillian  CLL,SLL,HCL 

group of CLL/SLL & HCL patients & Carers a very social space where support and information is shared on many general topics in discussion threads.


Macmillan website 

provides information on just about everything that may help when with living with a cancer.


Maggie’s on-line community 

has been a starting point for many of us on-line and provides a supportive environment to share experiences, currently not much CLL specific activity. Maggies centres provide education and complementary therapies to aid you live with your condition.


UK Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Forum 

Although appearing not very active provides much support and knowledge from a group who will respond and join in when you post.