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To understand our member demographics, select your role. Has CLL forced changes and impacted negatively? Please expand on your experiences. POPULAR


Can you share your barriers to posting on the site? (This poll is primarily for members who rarely or never post/reply.) POPULAR


Have you experienced shingles activation/s? Tick all which may apply and feel free to add your experiences within replies below answers POPULAR


What devices do you use or plan to use in the next year to access the Internet? Your input will help us with the CLLSA website redesign. POPULAR


How were you diagnosed with SLL/CLL? You are welcome to reply to expand on your diagnosis experience. POPULAR


Please share your CLL temperature regulation experiences, ticking all that apply, and add comments on frequency, known trigger factors, etc. POPULAR


In what situations have you felt unfairly treated since diagnosis? Please tick all that apply and add comments describing your experience.AussieNeil


Fatigue is common symptom with CLL that is poorly recognised by doctors. Please share your experiences via this poll plus comments. POPULARHAIRBEAR


What age were you diagnosed with CLL/SLL? POPULAR


How long after diagnosis did you first receive treatment or are you on watch and wait? Feel free to post a comment about what treatment(s) you've had, incl. transfusions eg IVIG and your experiences. POPULAR


How many years is it since your diagnosis with CLL/SLL? Please feel free to comment on your experiences of living with CLL/SLL. (Next poll will be on how long before treatment was needed.) POPULAR


What have you done to maintain/improve your general health since being diagnosed with CLL? Please tick those that apply to you and feel free to add other examples in your comments. POPULAR


How does your GP react to your concerns about issues that could be CLL-related? Tick any boxes that may apply and feel free to add further comment