CLL Clinical Nurse Specialist Role 2012 Summer


Here at the CLLSA we were recently contacted by a CLL Specialist Nurse. This is the first time we have heard of a Specialist Nurse role created exclusively for CLL patients. Helen kindly agreed to write a piece on her role for our newsletter. We would all like to wish her well in her new role and hope that we may start to see CLL Specialist Nurses in other regions.


On June 25th I embarked on an exciting new role as the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Clinical Nurse Specialist at Nottingham University Hospitals. This is a brand new role initially funded for two years, but I hope I can prove it is a much needed role which will benefit a large group of patients.

I have worked within the Clinical Haematology Unit at Nottingham for the past 11 years on both the general haematology ward and the Transplant Unit.

My aim is to be a first point of contact who is easily accessible for the large group of patients in the Nottingham area, to be a source of information, offering advice and support.

I hope to improve the service provided and act as an advocate for those living with CLL. I hope that I can make a positive difference to their journey from initial diagnosis onwards, helping people make informed choices if and when treatment is needed. Due to a greater understanding of CLL more trials and treatment options are being made available to a wider group of patients.

This is the first Nurse Specialist role specifically for people with CLL,and hopefully the first of more to follow.