Chairmans Report 2012 Summer

Welcome to the Summer edition of the CLLSA newsletter. Once again, it provides an interesting range of articles for members combining invaluable medical information with more practical dietary advice. Your board of trustees (introduced to you in the last edition) have been busy over the past few months reviewing the governance and operation of the association, and the new trustees have been settling in to new roles and responsibilities. Our work ‘behind the scenes’ will be shared with you in more detail in the future when individual trustees update you on progress in relation to their areas of interest. Derek, the trustee responsible for fundraising, has already taken the lead on this with his article on fundraising in this edition.

The Midlands conference was my first duty as chair of the association and I was delighted with the positive atmosphere that was palpable throughout the two days. It reinforced the reasons why I have found the CLLSA so helpful in supporting me as a patient in that I could improve my understanding of the complexities of CLL and its treatment in a mutually supportive context where colleagues are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience to help others. 

I said in my summing up at the conference that your trustees are determined to build on the work of our predecessors and continue to provide up to date and relevant information for members and other CLL patients to ensure that ‘we’ are all empowered to confront CLL with confidence.

I also emphasised the importance of exploring how best to do this by utilising the technological systems available to us more effectively and by increasing opportunities for patients to come together and, if required, to form local groups, particularly in the North of England and in Scotland and Wales.

I also asked members at the conference to assist us in raising awareness of the CLLSA by placing leaflets in waiting rooms in hospital clinics and GP practices. I invite you to do the same.

This is your newsletter and I hope you find it interesting and informative. It would be useful to have your feedback on articles you would like to see included in future editions and you may even wish to write an article yourself. I look forward to seeing many of you personally at one of our meetings in the future. Arthur Graley