Chairmans Report 2011 Nov

Farewell to our Chairman

Jane Barnard has stepped down from her role as chair of the CLLSA and as a trustee, we wish her an enjoyable retirement and a well deserved break.

We are grateful for her work in assisting us to build a strong and viable charity, helping everyone who, before the start of the CLLSA, had little means of finding information and support.

Jane had the post of Chairman of the CLLSA for about 4 years. During that time she went through treatment but continued with her voluntary role.

Her microbiologist background was an invaluable asset in translating very complicated medical papers into layman's language as well as representing the CLLSA in the NICE appraisals of new treatments. Thank you, Jane, for all the hard work you have done over the years and we wish you good health and an enjoyable retirement.

CLLSA Trustees