Tough Mudders - Haynes Hulks raise funds for CLLSA


Together on the 21st of June brave volunteers will tackle the Tough Mudders Scotland Challenge to raise funds for the CLL Support Association 


“Drumlanrig is a fairytale castle set in 80,000 acres of the most majestic, scenic Scottish countryside you'll ever see. Sound nice? Well you can forget "nice" because Tough Mudder is turning the fairytale into your worst nightmare. Lung busting hills, ice cold lochs and strength sapping mud combine to make the home of the Braveheart legend a brutal test for the most seasoned Legionnaire and a baptism of fire for first time Mudders. “

Michelle’s story

“Myself and my brother Daryl have bitten the bullet and signed up for Tough Mudder! I know you’re thinking 'wow you guys are idiots, you’re going to die' but we will prove you all wrong and whilst were at it raise money for a charity that will become intrinsic to my family in the years to come.

We are raising money for CLLSA (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Support Association) the only UK charity that specifically focuses on the CLL strain of Leukaemia. It provides information and support on how to manage CLL and is a valuable source! Please donate generously as they do great work and raise money for a charity close to my heart. 

Daryl is a second time mudder so I need encouragement to try and keep up!!

Please give generously and wish me luck!!


Donate here:


We will post an update and pictures from our brave runners after the event.