Report on the Brentford Meeting 19 September 2011

Our second autumn meeting at GSK house was attended by many enthusiastic people. Many thanks to GSK and especially to Philippa Manning who did the organisation at that end - it all went incredibly well.

It can be daunting to arrive at the headquarters of a global pharmaceutical company with the present level of security alerts in place- but the security people, and all the GSK staff,  were inevitable courteous, and we all got in to the meeting.

The premises are beautiful and huge - there are full sized trees growing in the auditorium, and a water feature bigger than a house.

Attendees soon settled in to chat, and the meeting got smoothly underway.

In a departure form our usual meeting format, we had three people with experience of different aspects of CLL to answer questions from the audience. Nick York shared his experiences of being newly diagnosed and watch and wait-Margaret Bisshopp some of her insights on being a carer, and Garry Bisshopp talked on immune complications of CLL.

The feedback was very positive, and I believe that as an occasional departure from the ‘expert speaker’ this worked very well.

Thanks again to the members who suggested this activity.

Thank you all for coming, thank you for your feedback, we have taken note of the occasional hiccup and will try and get them put right.