CLLSA Newsletter Winter 2016

Welcome to the Winter issue of the newsletter! 

You will be pleased to know we have once again been very busy in the last few months and here are some of the is-sues we have been handling. 

As always the introduction of new treatments is never an easy job given all the financial constraints on health budgets nationwide and this time around is no exception. 

We do however have some excellent news! On Friday 25 November NICE announced that they have approved ibrutinib as a second line therapy treatment for CLL pa-tients. We have all put in a good deal of hard work on this so many thanks to all con-cerned. Please look at the web site for full details of the announcement Here

Venetolclax is the next new drug on the horizon so the work continues! 

Fundraising continues to be a burning issue. 

As you know we rely a good deal on the help we get from pharma companies. This help means we are able to continue to hold our popular member conferences, print new leaflets and so on. 

We are however thinking it may be more prudent to develop other sources of funds and you will be hearing more on all this shortly. 

One of the new projects we have completed in the last few weeks is a new leaflet for CLLSA

We have designed this for use in clinics and we have mailed out a supply to every hospital in the UK. Please keep an eye out for these when you next visit your clinic. If they are not on display can you please ask the Clinical Nurse Specialist to track them down as he/she was the contact we used. 

As you will know from the last newsletter we are looking for new trustees to join us. The good news is that we shall be meeting with a number of candi-dates at the London meeting on 11 November. I hope therefore to have more news on this shortly. 

Finally we are planning our objectives for the coming year. 

We are looking at how many member conferences we should arrange and how we can organ-ise other forms of local support. We also of course have to target a figure for fundraising. 

But to make this all work we do really need to know what you would like to see us take on – so watch out for another email! 

Best regards - David Innes Chair 

The full Newsletter is attached below

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