CLLSA Newsletter Spring 2016

2016 is already proving to be another very busy year for us all at CLLSA.

We have been taking another look at how we are set up with the help of a consultancy which is run by one of our members who very generously has given us their help at no charge. Many thanks!

This has caused us to look again at how many people we need to do all the jobs that need doing and we shall be in touch directly to you all on this in the coming weeks. We are particularly looking for possible trustees who have either some experience in fundraising and/or in managing volunteers. More of this later.

In the meantime funding is always a high priority for us. We do as you know get a fair degree of support from pharmaceutical companies but we need to widen our scope so we can achieve more independence. So if any of you have any ideas for fundraising then please get in touch – every little helps!!

To make a donation online , whether a one off donation or a regular payment with the oprion to gift aid  your donation if you are a UK tak payer.


The complete 2016 Spring Newsletter attached below


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