2016 CLLSA London Members Conference



Friday 11th November 2016

10.00am – 4.00pm

Etc. Venues - Victoria, 1 Drummond Gate,

Victoria, London, SW1V 2QQ



There were three presentations videoed at this meeting, two talks by Claire Dearden Consultant Haematologist and Head of the CLL Unit at Royal Marsden Hospital. There was also a patient presentation about his experience of treatment.

Dr Claire Dearden, Consultant Haematologist, Head of the CLL Unit, BSc MBBS FRCP FRCPath

"Understanding CLL - Who and when to treat" followed by Q&A

Dr Claire Dearden began with the fact that Blood cancers, more than 100 different types, (Bloodwise refer to 147 based on WHO). Collectively they are the 5th most common cancer but the 3rd largest killer. CLL is just a small percentage of all blood cancer. 

She pointed out that even though CLL is not 'curable' the condition is being managed better than the historic survial curves would indicate.  The new treatments are very effective but many will not complete the treatment because of side effects that said many did well even when treatments stops. 

Dr Claire Dearden does not generally believe that treatment should start earlier than needed, despite the availability of new treatments as many will never need treatment at all.

She was asked about stem cell transplant - she believed that it was no longer a primary treatment because of the risks but still the only treatment that could result in a 'cure'.

FCR is still the gold standard for good reason and we should not risk 'throwing the baby out with the bath water' in our rush to get access to new treatments that are not fully understood and have many side effects.  



Dr Claire Dearden, Consultant Haematologist, Head of the CLL Unit, BSc MBBS FRCP FRCPath

‘Understanding CLL – How to treat in 2016 and beyond’ followed by Q&A

Dr Claire Dearden started the second session discussing  ‘fitness’ for treatment and how this influences  treatment choice.

An improved understanding of biology and genetics has facilitated the development of many new treatments.

Choice of the treatment regime depends on many factors which are covered in the presentation .

Many of the available and new treatments are covered. FCR is still  ‘gold standard’ first line therapy for fit patients and chlorambucil + anti-CD20 antibody for the older less fit

At relapse, patients with chemotherapy sensitive disease can be retreated with the same regime

Numerous new agents are available for patients with high risk/refractory disease. 



Rupert Beazley a patient speaker and Trustee of the CLLSA

"Rupert offers his  experience of CLL and treatment." 

Rupert looked very well when he stood up to talk. So the story he had to tell was very surprising with other health issues having to be treated at the sametime as CLL. Many useful tips in this talk.