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Looking for feedback on Care Oncology Treatment / COC Protocol

04 June 2019
Any Info on 4 drugs protocol from Care Oncology, Metabolic Combination Therapy.?
Would it be helpful In conjunction with 2nd line of chemo? Or will it might harm?
High grade neuroendocrine of pancreas.
First line of chemo and RT - complete response. 6 months later - tiny Mets in liver.

UK CLL Clinical Trial Portfolio updated May 2019

02 June 2019
The Portfolio of clinical trials available in the UK has been updated and is available on the main site. Thanks to Garry for helping to prepare this for us

UK clinical research gateway seeks feedback on updated website

17 May 2019
The National Institute for Health Research has produced a new website to provide information on, and links to medical research trials. The site has been re-named: 'Be part of research'.
I know that many users of this site consider applying for such trials, so if you are not already bookmarking this site, you may like to do so.
As it is a BETA version, you may also be willing to provide feedback on the site's user friendliness etc.
The URL is:

Skin problems at the end of a clinical trial

05 May 2019
My husband has three more days to go in a clinical trial with venetoclax and ibrutinib. We are travelling in the US, returning to Australia today. The treatment has been successful - a complete response, with no sign of CLL anywhere at 15 months of treatment.
About three days ago, he developed a rash - not terribly itchy - as well as three red splotches on his face. He has had joint and muscle pain, and a slight fever, but these have gone away.
My question is - could these symptoms be a side...

Increase Red Blood Cells?

07 April 2019
Diagnosed 7 months ago. Age 65, still working, fully functioning. I understand my condition is a combination of increase in white blood cells and decrease in red blood cells (RBC). A reduction in RBC can cause anemia, tiredness, shortness of breath because less oxygen is transported through body. So, I want to fight back on my RBC loss with a variety of natural aids to increase RBC: iron supplements, vitamin B12, etc.
Has anyone else tried this?

Update- My Imbruvica plus Venetoclax Captivate trial.

12 March 2019

I am very pleased to report I am still MRD undetectable in the blood and bone Marrow after almost 1 year!!

My Doctor prefers to say MRD- undetectable instead of MRD Negative.

I am most likely on a placebo. Per the trial I am on either a placebo or imbruvica. I am Very very sure a placebo given the fact that my side effects went away. Imbruvica can has some side effects...:). My nails and finger tips have gotten so much better!!

Over all I feel good. I have done a couple nice ski...