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Move over MRD Negative and make way for MRD Undetectable

18 June 2019
As Dr Brian Koffman mentioned here: part of his contribution to the European Hematology Association (EHA) 2019 Amsterdam congress was as a panel member on a satellite event sponsored by the MRD Testing Collaborative, namely the Impact and Barriers to MRD (Minimal Residual Disease) testing. My wife and I were thrilled to be invited to this session by Dr Koffman and his wife Patty and to be able to spend some time with...

Yale study uncovers how gut bacteria can affect whether drugs work or not

05 June 2019
More mysteries of how our gut microbiome can affect treatment responses:
"It's still quite a mystery to scientists why certain drugs work well in some people and are completely ineffective in others. Work by a team of researchers from Yale University suggests a person's unique gut bacteria population could affect how different oral drugs are metabolized, and a new study, for the first time, has measured how a number of different bacteria interact with over 200 common medications.


The future is looking brighter for untreated CLL patients.

19 May 2019
Non chemo therapies for untreated CLL begin to gain approval.
For those of us on Watch and Wait, the future is looking bright recent trials in the UK Clarity and Flair with Ventalax in combination with other targeted therapies have shown very promising results. Only time will tell as CLL progresses so slowly but I hope and pray this turns towards a cure in the next 5 years

Bacteria may not be the only cause of tooth decay

06 May 2019
Neutrophils may be implicated in tooth decay too

Bio Resonant Frequencies

15 March 2019
HI, I was just watching a video on Ted about resonance frequencies that are used to treat cancer and even talk about Leukemia, by doing a more thorough search I see that Dr Royal Raymond Rife had already advanced in this field, some of you have More information about this technique? , I leave a link to the Ted video