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CLLSA Liverpool Members Conference Jan 2019

18 February 2019
The 2019 Liverpool members conference was held this year at The Conference Centre at LACE, and the keynote speaker was Professor Andrew Pettitt from the Royal Liverpool Hospital
A brief summary with videos and slides are available from the main site at :
There should be something for everyone.

New Oxford-developed tool reads the life histories of cancer cells - how subclones develop

14 February 2019
"..a team of Oxford researchers has developed a way to track the genetic "life histories" of thousands of individual cancer cells at once, which may lead to more effective and personalized cancer treatments.

Cancer cells are basically just normal cells that have accumulated certain mutations that allow them to grow out of control. But even within one tumor, individual cancer cells can mutate in different ways over time, to the point where treatments will work on some, but not all, cancer...

Question - how many different varieties of antibodies can B-cells make? Hint - it's hypermutation (IGHV mutation) that makes it possible

13 February 2019
Answer, 1 quintillion or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 10^18 according to a team led by Drs. Bryan Briney and Dennis R. Burton at Scripps Research examined antibody-producing B cells isolated from blood samples of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 30. ... Additional studies are needed to more accurately determine the full scope of the human antibody repertoire
The body?s immune system helps prevent or limit infection. One way the body fights foreign invaders, like bacteria and...

We complain about the cost of drugs - but it's nothing new

05 February 2019
"WalletHub looked into the true per-person cost of smoking in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. We calculated the potential monetary losses ? including both the lifetime and annual cost of a cigarette pack per day, health care expenditures, income losses and other costs ? brought on by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke."

The calculated lifetime cost varied from US$1.4 to 2.8 Milliion! Not that could buy quite a few years of Ibrutinib even without insurance!!...

Food an Health

24 December 2018
Food and Health
I watch the documentary last night it?s on Netflix it?s called
What The Health
Having been diagnosed with CLL in 2015
I was thinking I was eating a lot healthier after watching this documentary it seems I haven?t been. It?s something I recommend you all watch

Researchers Show Parachutes Don't Work, But There's A Catch

23 December 2018
I wonder if this was a double blind test?

Research published in a major medical journal concludes that a parachute is no more effective than an empty backpack at protecting you from harm if you have to jump from an aircraft.

But before you leap to any rash conclusions, you had better hear the whole story.

The gold standard for medical research is a study that randomly assigns volunteers to try an intervention or to go without one and be part of a control group.


ASH 2018: A Guide to the Latest for Blood-Borne Cancers and More

28 November 2018
The American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting is being held December 1-4, 2018 in San Diego, CA. There is a guide at:

How I Deal With Fatigue

19 November 2018
Short story:
Baking soda works for me.
Back story:
I was diagnosed with CLL in 2006. A few years later the fatigue, which for me included mental fog, kicked in. It was at its worst during my months in treatment. Even in remission I would fold at about 4:00 in the afternoon, after which I was down for the count, making exceptions only for early dinners out. Fatigue seemed to be what was normal for me. I lived that way for a full year after treatment.
Last summer I saw a study from the...

IBRUTINIB - enlarged lymph nodes in neck

15 November 2018
Is there anyone else who has had enlarged lymph nodes in the neck - or elsewhere - when taking Ibrutinib?
My blood tests show Ibrutinib is doing what it is supposed to do, except for the enlarged lymph nodes on my neck. Treatment was interrupted -- I received heavy doses of anti-biotics and corticoids -- and one lymph node removed. After a month my oncologist had me resume Ibrutinib again, this time diminishing the dose from 3 to only one pill. Everything was progressing without problems so I...

Cortisol and CLL

08 November 2018
I just came across a paper "The Response of Leukemic Lymphocytes - A Suggested Role of Transcortin" from the early 70s, and wondered if there'd been any further research - I can't find any from an initial search.
My interest is partially due to the fact that I've experienced a long period of chronic stress, and relatively stable bloods for a couple of years at around 100 FBC, although I'm not expecting the two to be related, I can't help wondering if there's any connection generally, given the...

NCRI - The UK Top living with and beyond cancer research priorities

06 November 2018
By 2030 four million people in the UK will be living with the long-term consequences of cancer, but currently there is very little research on the problems they face and how these can be tackled. To help them live better lives, more focused research is needed.
To determine priorities for research that will help people live better with and beyond cancer, NCRI partnered with the James Lind Alliance on a Priority Setting Partnership. The two-year project involved two UK-wide surveys which attracted...